No More Cowboys

by John Speed Band

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Travel through time and space, human frailty, hope, and love sublime. Picked and tailored from more than a decade of writing, hear these fruitful culminations of life experiences in song. See through a window of insightful honesty. Feel the blanketing effect of the vocals set into instrumentation that instills a comfortable rubato groove ... Steer away from short-term gratification and re-discover the depth of soul music.

The John Speed Band plays the music of singer songwriter John Speed. Each member of the band bring their own wash of colours to the music.


released May 7, 2016

John Speed - Vocal and guitars
Roger Coderre - double bass
Joëlle Lanoix - vocal & percussions
Nicole Poissant - vocal, back vocal, hand clapping

Tom Mennier - accordeon on Tango Bill

Mixing and Mastering - Padraig Buttner
Artwork - Félix Lemay

Produced by John Speed and Nicole Poissant
Lyrics and Music - John Speed

This album was performed and recorded at Island Time Studio du Temps de l'île.

Special thanks to Jesse, Mali, Florence, Catherine, Trevor, France and Henio for their support.

© 2016 John Speed (Socan)

All rights reserved - Tous droits réservés


all rights reserved



John Speed Saint Anicet, Québec

John Speed’s music takes shape through lyrics that grasp the essential truths often hidden in life’s awakenings. Feel the blanketing effect of his vocals set into unframed instrumentation that instills an intriguingly comfortable rubato groove. John Speed, c'est un tête-à-tête avec une époque archétypale qui va droit au cœur ... Une musique qui a le don de réparer l'âme! » ... more

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Track Name: Old Man
© 2011 John Speed Lyrics & Music

There's an old man coming up the street
He's the one who'll give you everything you need
You say he's too old, he's quiet but he's so bold
He's got a hand on the chain,
If he pulls its gonna rain, you'll see

White hairy bastard leaning to the right
Sleeping in the morning but he doesn't sleep at night
You can hear him when he speaks
He knows there's nothing left for keeps
He's got a slow down in his brain
A tolerance for pain, you'll see

I'll take the weight, you spin the rhyme,
We live in this place
Move to the calling of space and time
Place in my heart choice we can make
Lay down this weight
Move to the beating of love sublime

Wake up the masses, free those you blame
The future age passes, old man knows its name
He laughs and he dances, as he whispers your name
Every truth I believed
Every rule now relieved, you'll see
Track Name: Love Song
© 2011 John Speed Lyrics & Music

Hear me say,
You don't need to cry
Hear me say, you don't need to lie
Tell me what you need me to do
I'll get down on my knees for you
And I won't hold you back
And I won't let you down
And I won't lay no blame
And I'll always be around
I just want to spend this life with you

Take me into your heart
Take this love apart
Let it flow out of you
Stand right up, bare your face
Show this love every place
Let it flow out of you
Let it flow, let it flow
Let it flow out of you
Track Name: Holy Shame
© 2009 John Speed Lyrics & Music

Take me back where I came from
I wanna ride that magic train
Up the stairs to the golden palace
Stand in line with all these fellows singing
Shame, shame on me

I saw you lurking near the wall
Guilt you wore a torment shawl
Trade your guilt for Holy Shame
Clean the slate and clear your name
Shame on me, shame on me

I clawed my heart to make it listen
Re-arranged my disposition
Took a piece of what was missing and
I came back for more
Shame on me, shame on me

I stood there at the prophet’s side
What came on me I do abide
Holy Shame was on my side
And I, I cry not
Shame on me, shame on me
Track Name: No More Cowboys
© 2009 John Speed Lyrics & Music

Somebody is waiting for you
It’s not hard to see
Signs at every bus stop
Tears stain every memory
Looking out the window
At people sitting in their car dreams
Nobody remembers or thinks about
When people only wanted to be free

I’ve been looking for a cowboy
But there’s not one left to see
Everybody got so serious
It’s getting hard to tell which one’s your enemy

And everyone of us thinks
You can be my enemy
Everyone of us thinks
we can live this destiny

Too many people
Waiting at the break of dawn

There aren’t any cowboys left to carry the tradition on
Too many people, not a cowboy left to see

I got to go and buy something to set my self at ease
This wave of desperation seems to wash right over me
Too many people, too many people, too many people
Not a cowboy I can see
Track Name: Shady Tree
© 2005 John Speed Lyrics & Music

Lay down beneath this shady tree
I’ll tell you of the wonder
Unfolding there in front of me
Like wolves before the thunder
Your hands are like some mystery
The wind has got you shaking

Stand in these shoes
Shed a tear for me
Shed a tear for you
Under this shady tree

All dreamers come to me
All dreams forsaken
All men cry humble me
We’re ready for the taking

Lay down beneath this shady tree
To brake the twisted turning
Light of love in front of me
Compassion for the burning
Smothered by this world on fire
Hysterically turning
Track Name: This World's Got a Hold on Me
© 2009 John Speed Lyrics & Music

We count the time but we can't stop it
Train that leaves no warning sign
You call to me but I can't hear you
Masters on the other line
I never get lonely
I never get free
I can't remember
All these things you bring to me

Getting older, gifts are given
Glimpses light the way for me
See me in a way I never
Thought that I was meant to be

Never give up, never fall down
I keep rolling round and round
Touch me with this sacred Tao
I need you

Can't let go
Stuck in my own show
Can't seem to see
This world’s got a hold on me
Track Name: Slip Sliding
© 2007 John Speed Lyrics & Music

I call you up to see you, I want to
I call you up, to see you I need to
I want to, here I go
You took the high road
I took the back road
We worked by false entry

While I'm slip sliding away
I'm slip sliding away
I'm slip sliding away

Love closed its eyes, we're blinded, we cannot see
Hard as we try, we're lost, we're confused, we can't figure out why
You took the high road
I took the back road
We worked by false entry

I carry this weight I'm stuck in this state
I need you to mirror me, show me how I ever
Got to this state

Fly away, fly away, take a piece now and stand up
To say what you say
Track Name: Hangar des Mines
© 2007 John Speed Lyrics & Music

Called to the wind and the wind said to me
Gather these songs, sing them to me
Called to the water and it flowed over me
Stream to the river to the bottom of the sea

And the reaper of souls rode the midnight train
Hoping to find his way home, again and again
They called out his name
'til he hung his head in shame
Again and again

Called to the sun and the sun said to me
Lay down your arms, take some time to be free
Called to the earth and the earth swallowed me
Put your feet on the ground and you will grow like a tree.
Track Name: Tango Bill
© 2002 John Speed Lyrics & Music

There’s a power on the first floor,
Creeping up to my door
But there’s not a damn thing I can do
I had the money only yesterday,
Last night I saw it fly away
I know now I’m totally screwed

I cannot stop this burning wheel,
No way that I can make a deal
Come up and get me
If that’s what you need to do
I’m moving out into the street
In a pattern that I must repeat
I’ve got this bag, this misery and these shoes

I’m living on my own
The whole damn world’s my home
You can hear me knocking on your door

I need a little ...
Food to fill my belly, water on my lips
Things that I can tell you, and you know
Love’s not a part of it

Gimme a little ...
Money in my pocket
Meet me at the bar
I’ll blow it like a rocket and then I’ll
Tell you who you are
Track Name: Talk About It
© 2001 John Speed Lyrics & Music

I spoke to friends of mine, they don’t want to talk about it
I asked my doctor and he told me I was ill
I asked my family and they changed the subject on me
I asked the question now I got to take the pill

People never talk about it
They don’t want to know about it
Memories seems to linger still
Time when people opened up
And saw what stood around them
They didn’t pull the curtain
They didn’t take the pill

They don’t want to talk about it
They don’t want know about it
They don’t want to talk about it
And I wonder wonder wonder if they ever will

I don’t want to know it
You don’t want to know it
I don’t want to feel the pain
Things I thought were so good
Things I thought that I could do
But there I go again
Track Name: Save Me
© 2010 John Speed Lyrics & Music

Lights gone out, didn't see it coming
Time speeds up, I don't walk I'm running
Nothing’s right, but nothing's what I want

Take a little time, do a little nothing
Over where you parked
You left the motor running
Now you're sitting in the dark
You see something coming now

Save me
Wake me up at night now
Save me
Gotta do it right now
Save me
I'm out here on my own, now
Save me

Take a little time to do a little nothing
Thinking in my brain to keep the thinking running
Trying to find a way to believe in something
I'm living in remission,
Hoping and a wishing

Save me
Show me the light
Show me the way, now
Save me
Hold me tonight
I'm flyin' away, now
Save me
Track Name: Take Me In
TAKE ME IN                      
© 2011 John Speed Lyrics & Music

Who do you call, what do you say
No love no love for me today
Let go my life I'll slip away
Tell me the truth, don't fade away,
don't fade away, don't fade away

Oh my poor heart cold and lonely don't you know
Take me in or let me know, do me right or let me go
I'm on the road to save my soul again            

We do not stand alone
Touch my heart, lead me home
I'm on the road to save my  soul again
Track Name: Rolling Sun
© 2014 John Speed Lyrics & Music

My reason came to me
Like the rolling sun
My life time followed me
Like the rolling sun

Let it roll, let it roll
Like the rolling sun
Track Name: Oh Boy
© 2000 John Speed Lyrics & Music

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy
I can’t believe it’s true
Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy
What am I gonna do

I have a disposition, to please you till I die
I let you live in my bedroom, I’ll be home by and by
Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy what did I do

I had a little money I hoped would get me through
You wanted beer and cigarettes so what else could I do
I stand and serve I’m giving back as each of us must do
Somehow I lost my bedroom now I lost my money too

I try to be a saint, what’s good for me is good for you
I live on self restraint, I analyse each thing I do
I tell myself that somehow If I can see this through
The whole damn world will turn around and I’ll be saved like you
Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy what did I do

Holy Mary full of grace, these tears are streaming down my face
My heart is broken in disgrace, I’m lost among this human race
Realisation, illumination, transformation, higher station
Ball of light, holy right, come to me this moonlight night

Fill me up with true belief, see these hands and see these feet
See these tears run down my cheeks, let me love 'till I’m complete
See these tears run down my cheeks, let me love 'till I'm complete
Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy what did I do

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